What’s Holding Back Your Website Update?

Published by - 15/02/2018

You have shiny new website design just waiting to be launched, but finding the time to write the words is a struggle. Sounds familiar? It does to us!

If your web content is to say the right things and be of the right quality, it can’t be rushed. It needs care and attention, but looking after clients and running the business are always the priority.

We were contacted recently by a web developer who was getting frustrated by a particular client. The developer had spent many hours building a new website for them, but work had ground to a halt for two weeks as they waited for the words to populate it.

The client was really keen to write the content themselves and the web developer had given them useful tips on writing to help the website’s position on Google.

A further week passed by and still no content… the client was busy and hadn’t had time to make a start.

The following week the first few pages arrived. The web developer found the client had heeded the advice on keywords – perhaps a little too much, as the copy was so littered with them that it was repetitive and difficult to read.

At this point the web developer asked us to quote for writing the pages instead.

This isn’t a unique story – we come across similar situations in all areas of public relations, marketing and copywriting.

Websites are an essential promotional tool. We recognise that in developing them, people know their own services, products and customers best.  However we also know that time is a precious commodity.

Words are our business. Our experienced copywriters on the team produce a wide range of great content for every occasion – websites, marketing materials , blogs, articles, case studies (and more!).

So if you’re a web developer or marketing professional who wants to ensure copy doesn’t slow down your project, or someone wanting to refresh or launch your own site, then please get in touch  – info@arch-comms.co.uk.