What makes you stand out?

Published by - 20/03/2017

A few weeks ago we attended a local business expo. Exhibiting was a mix of interesting, exciting and innovative businesses all looking for leads and potential customers. The event was well-attended and as we paused for a coffee in the networking café we got talking to a fellow attendee about the event and talk soon turned to our own businesses.

Although what he did was not unique and the business he works for was a franchise – of which there are a number in the sector he works in – what stood out for us was his background, knowledge and experience.

He had had an interesting and fulfilling career working in the public sector and he provided us with a number of insights and anecdotes that further illustrated his skills and showed us why his business was getting a lot of repeat work and referrals.

To us, this was what made him and his business distinct from his competitors.

We talked about using customer feedback and testimonials in his marketing literature and online to further promote the business. We also suggested he did not shy away from using those that referred to him personally.

We also talked about creating a brief biography to highlight his extensive knowledge and experience and how he applies this to his current venture.

In marketing, there is always a lot of talk about finding your ‘unique selling point’ – or ‘USP’ – but that is just the start. Once you have identified what makes you stand out and appeals to your customers, you need to find a way to communicate this effectively. You need to find your story.

Sometimes your USP is not what you think. Sometimes it takes a conversation to get a different perspective and draw out what really makes you and your organisation stand out. Sometimes you need help to find your story.

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