Well, We Are In Marketing!

Published by - 24/03/2015

Life is constantly shaped by the people we come across, writes Arch Communications’ Sarah Newall. The fun often begins when folk unexpectedly pop their heads around the door and steer us up an unlikely path for a bit.

We were recently commissioned via Social Enterprise East Midlands to help a pioneering market trader promote her burgeoning business idea. Keeley Flint is putting her considerable experience to good use by running the only course of its kind in the UK, on how to follow in her footsteps.

Keeley has a vision to help people re-shape or re-launch their lives by becoming entrepreneurs – and in the process, reviving traditional markets and breathing new life into town centres. She’s now running masterclasses on how to become a market trader, opening up new opportunities for the unemployed or people who want to make a living from their hobby.

A core part of what we do at Arch is helping people to tell their stories in a way which will get them noticed – whether through publicity or other marketing activity. It certainly helps when the story is as inspirational as Keeley’s.

So when I got back to my desk, I Googled ‘my nearest market.’ The following weekend I did a recce of Sneinton Market in Nottingham and booked a stall for £10. All I had left to do was to find something to sell.

Saturday morning came around and one late start, two breakages and three actual sales later, I was doing it!

My feet were so icy I forgot they were there and I was wearing half the stock – second hand clothes – to keep warm, but my spirits were high and the atmosphere friendly. As one fellow stall holder said, “It’s great to be a part of something that’s growing again.”

I still have a lot to learn; knowing what sells might be a good start. I broke two glass candle holders, spilt tea all over my  stall cover and didn’t really think about what might happen if the wind blew. Five hours is a long time to be constantly turning coats and tops to face the customers!

I’ve booked again for next month. If you fancy having a go yourself, check out Keeley’s website: http://howtostartamarketstall.com. Maybe I’ll see you there!