Twitter, it’s not as scary as it looks


It surprises us how many people still hide away from Twitter. There’s a look of horror on their faces when we say – you need to be on there!

After all, more than 80% of UK adults use the internet weekly. Your customers are there and so are your competitors. Having a good social media presence is a crucial part of your marketing.

We often hear people say they know they should be on Twitter, but they worry it’s scary or too time consuming. We’re here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be!

Once you’re set up, put your Twitter handle on your website, leaflets, business cards and banners. People look out for this so it’s the perfect opportunity to grow your following.

Here are some thoughts from Arch Communications on making the most of Twitter:

  • Don’t just sell, sell, sell. Simply throwing out facts, figures and sales pitches is a big turn-off. Think of it as online networking. Share your expertise, fun facts about your industry and what’s happening in the office. Show your personality.
  • Interaction is really important. Ask questions, do a poll, reply to tweets and retweet. This builds relationship and trust. After all, people buy from people!
  • Make it easy for yourself by devoting half a day once a month preparing several weeks of content. Then use a free platform, like tweetdeck, to schedule and automate its publication. To be noticed, you need to tweet 5-6 times a day.
  • Add to your scheduled content with spontaneous tweets when you’re out and about. If there’s a trend on Twitter that works for you, jump on it. It will boost your visibility.
  • Add images to help your tweets stand out. Perhaps a photo of your coffee at networking events or that desk that’s decorated for someone’s birthday. Even the ducks that crossed the road at the park near the office. It’s all good content and people can relate to it.

Hopefully this offers some encouragement. We have plenty of other tips to share. So if you feel you need further advice or training, get in touch with us today!