Top Tips for Networking

Published by - 06/06/2018

In a recent blog we discussed the different types of networking events, with some recommendations to. Now you’ve found which ones to attend we thought we’d offer some top tips.

Everyone has their own way of networking. There’s no right or wrong way to do this. Sometimes it helps to hear what works for others. With that in mind, here are some points that help us.

  • Get there early so you’re not walking into a room full of people
  • If you’re given a delegate list prior to the event, do research on the attendees so you can pinpoint who you’d like to speak to (organisers can help introduce you to them).
  • Don’t start with a full sales pitch. Be yourself and talk about you and your business. People buy people. They won’t remember all those facts and figures you throw at them.
  • Concentrate on listening and ask questions about other people’s businesses. Their answers may identify an opportunity for you!
  • Feel free to excuse yourself. Don’t get stuck in a 20 minute conversation that won’t benefit either of you.
  • Don’t fall into the trap of speaking to people you know. Task yourself with talking to at least 3 new people at the event.
  • Don’t feel like you must hand out your business cards to everyone. Save them for people you think may really value it.
  • Have some key questions as conversation starters:

How do you find this whole networking thing?

How many people do you work with?

What’s your particular area of expertise?

What’s the big issue in your business at present?

  • If it’s a networking event with alcohol don’t drink too much. You’re there representing your business, whether your own or as an employee.
  • Dress to impress. These are potential clients. Look like you mean business.
  • And most importantly, REMEMBER YOUR BUSINESS CARDS!

Hopefully this will give you some more confidence at your next networking event. Feel free to send us your top tips too. Happy networking!