To Grow or Not to Grow?

Published by - 11/11/2013

These are exciting times for Arch Communications, which is set for expansion. But it’s not been a straightforward decision.

We’ve been wrestling with the dilemma that faces many companies. Is now the time to grow – and if so, by how much and how fast? We need the right resource to do a great job for our increasing client base, without taking too much of a financial risk.

It’s a nice dilemma to have, of course. We’re delighted and flattered that so many new organisations are coming to Arch Communications, seeking PR and marketing support and guidance.

That is why we’re finally taking the plunge. Recruitment is now underway and we’ve taken a lease on a brilliant new office, in a beautifully renovated old basketworks in our home village of East Leake.

Because of the company’s social enterprise ethos, it is important to us that we are creating jobs and contributing to the economy of our local community. So perhaps in the end, the decision wasn’t so difficult after all!