There’s Always A Story

Published by - 30/08/2013

When people ask what we do at Arch Communications, we tend to sum it up by saying that we help you work out your story – and then help you tell it. It may not be obvious, but the right story is always there.

Unless your story is right, it won’t give the correct message about who you are and what you have to offer. Your business won’t be correctly positioned, you won’t stand out in the crowd and your marketing campaigns will fall flat. What a waste of effort and money.

Sometimes it does take a fresh pair of eyes to spot exactly what it is that makes your business or product special – simply because you are too close to see it. For example…

A mother wanted to turn her brilliant cake-making into a business, but didn’t know how to promote it. So we asked how the baking began.

It turned out her daughter was a keen equestrian and always wanted a birthday cake in the shape of a horse. When her mother couldn’t find one, she started to make her own.

This engaging and unique story instantly differentiates the business and identifies a market for it. Its founder hadn’t realised that she was the story.

Then there’s the family company which has done brilliantly to adapt and defy the global recession, creating significant numbers of new jobs in an area of high unemployment. They have never sought any publicity, preferring to focus on the day job. Yet deliberate promotion of their success will grow customer confidence, something Arch Communications is now helping to do.

So if your marketing isn’t quite bringing the benefits you’d hoped for (but you don’t know why) or your press releases don’t get used, perhaps your haven’t got your story quite right. Let us help you with that.