The Power of Words

Published by - 05/07/2014

Words are incredibly powerful things. Used correctly, they can build relationships, strengthen teams, enhance reputation and drive success. Applied recklessly, they are dangerous and destructive.

Half the battle is recognising this power and ensuring that what you say and how you say it is exactly right for the situation you face. This is what we do at Arch Communications.

Getting the words right makes such a difference. It does require preparation and discipline, but the rewards can be significant.

The trick is to understand the people you are trying to reach – whether staff, customers or others who are important to you. For your words to be effective, you need to know how they are likely to be received. This means getting the language and tone right so that you have control over what you are saying.

It sounds simple, but it does take a bit of conscious effort. Be clear what your message is so that you can focus on ensuring that it hits home. You have to tailor your words to take account of circumstances and what you want to achieve.

Above all, make a connection by communicating at the right level. Be a human being! Dump the jargon and tell it as it really is.