The Power of Stories

Published by - 08/11/2017

Our Director Matt Youdale explains why as a PR professional and former journalist, he considers Arch Communications to be in the storytelling business.

In promoting brands and reputations, we’re always looking for ways to draw people in and make strong connections with them. And that’s where stories come in.

For example – in my article about brand-building in this month’s East Midlands Chamber Business Network magazine, I recall my encounter with a woman who wanted publicity for her new cake-making business.

When I asked how the idea had come about, she described how years ago her pony-mad daughter wanted a horse-shaped birthday cake, but she couldn’t find one to buy. So she made her own.

Soon this lady was taking orders from all her daughter’s horse-riding friends too, and eventually she decided to turn it into a commercial venture.

This was a story with great marketing potential – a mother’s love and creativity, applied to a special interest audience. But she was too close and needed help to articulate it in those terms.

I write this less than an hour after listening to one of my clients, Paul Lowe, tell his own incredible story on BBC Radio Nottingham. Major violence at the hands of his stepfather, alcoholism and attempted suicide – all by the age of 16!

Paul has dramatically turned his life around. His own dark experiences inform his work as a coach, motivational speaker, charity fundraiser, and now author.

His book, Speaking from our HEARTS, is published today. It features true-life stories of transformation from Paul and others – including two former Nottingham Forest  managers.

I was humbled by Paul’s invitation to contribute a chapter of my own. My own story – from redundancy to building Arch Communications into a successful business – can’t compare to Paul Lowe’s. But the very acting of writing it provided new insights for me.

So when people ask me what I do, I reply that I tell stories. Everyone has a story that will enhance their business. What’s yours?