The Joy of the Office Sweepstake

Published by - 29/05/2014

It’s that time again. The flags are being unfurled and the bumper stickers purchased. The World Cup is here – providing the opportunity for another office sweepstake.

Arch Communications has been spending a lot of time with a particular client recently. They occupy a high-rise open-plan space where normally the loudest sound is the bustle of the photocopier or clicking keyboards.

Until the World Cup sweepstake, that is. Cue excitement all round!

Suddenly people in different departments are talking to each other. Someone displays some an unexpected creative tendency and produces an entire set of flags they’ve made, one for each World Cup team. Following the draw, the flags are now displaying unlikely temporary allegiances all over the office.

Blog pic May 2014So what is it about sweepstakes that injects such energy into the workplace? It’s hardly the £60 prize for picking the winning team. No – it’s more to do with a break from the routine, a shared experience and the chance to talk about something different.

It all goes to show that businesses don’t have to make grand gestures to strengthen staff engagement and boost morale. Those that get it right focus on keeping things fresh, remembering that staff are human beings, and being prepared to have a bit of fun.

As we were on the premises, it seemed churlish not to join in. As it turned out, you can see we did rather well. The Argentina flag sits proudly atop our computer screen.

With Messi and co, we’re actually in with a chance – which is another attraction of the sweepstake. When England go out early, it’ll help to keep us interested!