Sharing Our Expertise – by Popular Demand!

Published by - 11/09/2015

We’re always being asked to explain what PR and marketing is all about and how to be successful at it. So we’ve developed a new training package to do just that – and you’re invited!

It’s been quite a challenge to work out how to carve up what we do into bite-sized chunks which can be delivered in half-day workshops. More importantly, we’ve been determined to ensure that delegates will walk away from every session with something they can immediately use for their own business.

However, we’ve managed it. Here’s what we’ve come up with…

Strategic Marketing

At the end of the workshop, you will have an outline marketing strategy covering:

  • Content – what do you want to say?
  • Audiences and Channels – who do you want to reach and how?
  • Barriers and Incentives – what are the things that stop people buying from you and how can you counter them?
  • Evaluation – how do you know your marketing is working?
PR – Making the Media Work for You

At the end of the workshop, you will have an outline press release you can potentially use.

  • Getting the story right – what interests the media and what doesn’t
  • Understanding the media – how they work, the wide range of PR options available
  • How to write a good press release: layout, language, getting the content right
Writing – Telling Your Business Story
  • Learn how to craft great copy. At the end of the workshop, you will have a core narrative for your business
  • How to write for business – style and things to consider
  • Working out your USP
  • How to craft a narrative for your business
Social Media – Linking In Your Business

Every business needs an effective social media presence to maximise success. At the end of the workshop, you will have an improved LinkedIn profile.

  • Your social media options
  • How to be usefully active on LinkedIn
  • Building and using an effective LinkedIn profile

Arch Communications is now rolling out these workshops across the East Midlands in partnership with a range of organisations.

If you’re interested in attending any of them, get in touch. We hope to hear from you.