PR Really Does Work

Published by - 16/10/2015

We often get asked if PR really can have that much of an impact. Yes, it certainly can! Look at this fantastic example we’ve received only today.

One of our clients, Community Pharmacy Derbyshire, asked us to help them gain media exposure for their pioneering campaign raising awareness about osteoporosis.

We’ve been delighted to oblige with coverage this week across local TV, radio and newspapers – and even more thrilled by this amazing story from one pharmacist about the impact of the report on BBC East Midlands Today:

“I had a chat with a customer who had seen me on TV. As a result of seeing the programme she realised she could have a problem with brittle bones – 3 fractures in two and a half years! She made an appointment with her doctor and he has referred her for a bone density scan.

“It appears that nobody had put ‘two and two’ together and linked her repeated fractures with the possibility of having osteoporosis. Without the TV programme, she would have been ignorant of her possible condition and would have gone without treatment for longer. This is a real result for the campaign, but more importantly for the patient concerned.”

A great piece of news just in time for World Osteoporosis Day on October 20th, which has left us feeling very proud.

You can read our news release about the campaign here: BONE UP ON YOUR HEALTH.