Making the most of LinkedIn for your business

Published by - 06/06/2017

We recently asked some of our contacts what they would like us to cover in our blogs and making more of LinkedIn was suggested. Here’s some quick advice on raising your profile:

Work on your profile

Choose the right profile picture – people will gain their first impressions about you from this. Your picture should be recent and professional – wear what you would wear for work, not a night out or on holiday.

Create the right impression with your summary. Don’t make it a list of skills, make it interesting and illustrate how you use those skills and why they are important.

Don’t use buzzwords and industry jargon

Buzzwords and jargon put people off. Each January LinkedIn produces a list of words used most often and this year’s are:

  • Strategic
  • Creative
  • Specialised
  • Leadership
  • Passionate
  • Experienced
  • Focused
  • Enthusiastic
  • Expert
  • Track Record

Think about alternatives.

Endorse and be endorsed in return

Don’t be afraid to ask the people in your network to endorse your skills. Go through your network and target those whose endorsement matters to you. Also look at your network and see if you can endorse their skills.

You can also request recommendations – personal testimonials from people who have worked with you.

Share and post content

There is a direct correlation between how active you are on LinkedIn, and the number of people who look at your profile. Being busy gets you noticed!

Use case studies, blogs, testimonials and examples of work you have done for clients (with their approval) to show what you and your business is capable of. Share content from your network or influencers in your industry and add comments.

Contribute to debates in LinkedIn groups you belong to – but only if you have something useful and relevant to say. Such conversations are the perfect opportunity to demonstration your expertise.

As with all social media platforms, spending time on getting the basics right and keeping your feed updated with relevant, useful and interesting content is key to making the most of LinkedIn. We can help you create this content – get in touch!