Make It Quick!

Published by - 12/10/2015

All newsrooms are busy places. Time is precious and the stories come thick and fast. So if you want to get noticed by the media, you have to be quick about it.

We know from our extensive experience in front line┬ájournalism that ploughing through countless press releases can be quite a chore. It’s all too easy to miss a good story because it’s not made obvious.

Here’s a simple check list to increase your chances of┬ácoverage:

  • Give your news release a headline, summing up your story in a few attention-grabbing words.
  • If you’re targeting local media, more sure your local connection is obvious
  • Ensure the best angle on your story is in the first sentence
  • Make your release scan readable – short sentences, no big blocks of text
  • Give all the necessary information, but be concise

Every time a journalist reads a news release, they’re subconsciously asking themselves: “Why should I be interested in this?” You have to answer the “so what?” question as fast as possible – and that means, in the first two lines.

If you’re not sure if you have succeeded in that, try showing your draft release to a colleague. Can they see the appeal of your story after reading the first paragraph? If not, have another go!