Get Noticed in 2016!

Published by - 14/01/2016

It’s that time when businesses set out their stall for the coming year. We know we are! In making your plans, have you worked out how you’ll get noticed in 2016?

It needn’t be that difficult to raise your profile through publicity and social media. All it really takes is an understanding of what is possible, some creative thought – and persistence.

Promotional campaigns can take a while to build, which is why it’s really important to be clear what you want to say and who you want to reach. Without that consistency, your messages won’t get through.

Journalists can be a real friend to your business, as long as you can provide them with interesting stories. That may involve commenting on something relevant and topical, sharing a bit of news about your company or one of your staff, or deliberately doing something to attract attention – anything from a major donation to charity, to involving a local celebrity in the launch of a new product.

The trick is to try and map out several different PR opportunities (say, one a month) so that your profile has a chance to grow over time. The same applies to your social media; it’s always better to plan your content rather than trying to wing it on a daily basis.

Of course, it helps if you know what will appeal to the news media, what buttons to press. Always ask yourself – would I be interested in reading this? Don’t forget the power of pictures, either. A good photo can dramatically improve the chances of coverage, while TV are unlikely to respond unless there is something worth filming.

This can take a bit of practice, but Arch Communications can help. We can offer advice, help you plan a campaign or deliver it for you. If you want to do your own PR, why not come to our next training workshop and learn from us? Click here find out more and book your place.

Here’s to an attention-grabbing 2016!