Five Years of Learning

Published by - 31/03/2016

Arch Communications is now five years old. Our birthday is a good opportunity to take stock, so here are eight things we have learned during our exciting journey.

  1. Relationships really matter. We put a lot of effort into getting to understand our clients and partners, because we can do a better job when we really understand them – and it helps to like them too!
  2. Quality, quality, quality. Ensuring our standards never slip takes effort, but it’s so important. We endeavour to give the same quality of service for a small one-off project as we do for a big long-term client (within the agreed cost, of course).
  3. Our work is our best marketing. We don’t know how many unsolicited calls or marketing emails we get every week, but it’s a lot! We prefer to let our results and reputation do the talking. Perhaps that’s why so much of our work comes from recommendations and referrals – for which we’re very grateful!
  4. You can only succeed with the right people. We have a small but perfectly formed team at Arch Communications. It’s crucial to recruit well.  Skills can be taught, culture can be shaped, but a bad attitude can be deep-rooted.
  5. Don’t expect instant results. Sometimes we secure a contract simply through luck, by being in the right place at the right time. But usually we have to work hard at it, getting to know potential clients and winning their trust. It’s all the more satisfying when that effort pays off.
  6. You can’t plan for everything. Business planning is important (making projections, looking for new leads etc), but sometimes stuff just happens which you can’t predict. Like a lighting strike damaging our IT…
  7. Pay your bills quickly. We try and settle every invoice within two weeks, because it’s the right thing to do and we understand how important cash flow is. Wouldn’t it be nice if all businesses did the same?
  8. Some clients are just not worth it. We won’t work for someone if we can’t believe in them or what they have to offer. We’ve also learned the hard way that some people just want something for nothing. On the other hand, we’re happy to tell a potential client if we know someone else can do a better job for them.

So we’re a bit wiser than we were when we started in 2011, and we’re proud to have stuck to our principles in that time. Maybe that’s why we’re still here!