Five tips for handling media interviews

Published by - 04/05/2017

We get requests for media interviews with our clients regularly, as you’d expect with a public relations agency!

Sometimes the stories are positive, sometimes negative, but we almost always advise our clients to accept the request.

Media interviews can be daunting, but with preparation they are a valuable way to get your story told.

We’ve pulled together five top tips for handling interviews that apply equally to press and broadcast media:

  1. Take time to prepare and plan your messages – we usually advise three messages max
  2. Think of the audience who will read, hear or see the interview – what matters to them?
  3. Tell the truth
  4. Be human, be yourself, avoid jargon
  5. Keep your answers brief – don’t lose the interest of the interviewer or the audience

Here at Arch Communications we specialise in teaching executives and others in the public eye how to give effective media interviews, even in times of crisis. We can also offer bespoke training sessions.

We hope these tips are useful, but if you do need more help to prepare for an interview, or would like media training for you or your organisation, please get in touch.