First week at Arch

Published by - 23/05/2018

Using the phrase, ‘I work within PR and communications’ can often be met with a blank expression and a puzzled, ‘….so what do you actually ‘do’…’

As my first week working with Arch Communications draws to a close I can already see there’s no definitive (or short!) answer to this question.

I’m lucky enough to have joined an agency with a wealth of experience. Spending my first two days browsing the extensive ‘projects’ folder opened my eyes to the amount of detail required in implementing a successful engagement strategy, the forethought required when developing a robust social media schedule and the quick-thinking necessary when assisting with crisis communications.

While some may find this variability unnerving this was all part of the draw to PR.

By Wednesday (day three) I had created a social media schedule, attended a networking event for local businesses, made a number of updates on a client website and begun stakeholder research for a major new project.

This research continued into Thursday and Friday. Emails were also starting to drop into my inbox about some stakeholder research I had been tasked with. I also received confirmation that my registration to the Chartered Institute of PR had been successful; opening up a broad range of training courses.

At this stage it would be impossible to plan the next few years of my career; I may find my niche in word craft or maybe reputation management will become my specialism. Hopefully the next month will remain as exciting as my first five days!