Feel Good About Giving

Published by - 02/07/2013

As part of our social enterprise approach, we’re working pro bono to promote the launch of a unique new online donation website, the first ever run by a charity.

Giving Back (www.giving-back.co.uk) has been developed by Loughborough-based Living With Abuse (LWA) to safeguard its work, providing specialist support to men and women experiencing domestic abuse.

Giving Back operates like other giving websites, but is expected to extend the reach of fundraising – because it offers an easy-to-use alternative to a wide range of community and voluntary groups, as well as individual fundraisers and charities.

The new website is designed to be self-funding and sustainable, through a modest levy on donations made via the site. Any profit generated will support the work of LWA, which almost had to shut down two years ago after losing two thirds of its official funding.

Giving Back, which was developed with a grant from the Government’s Transition Fund, was the brainchild of LWA’s strategic manager Debbie Hughes. She’s begun contacting 25,000 charities and community organisations across the East Midlands, inviting them to sign up for Giving Back. Later this year, the site will be opened up to an estimated 160,000 good causes nationwide.

Every organisation signing up to receive donations via Giving Back is given five web pages to promote their cause, for a single sign-up fee of only £50, with no monthly charges. The low start-up costs mean that organisations get a bigger financial return from Giving Back in the first year, than from other websites. This is especially valuable to smaller organisations which are not fundraising all the time.

Arch Communications is happy to support this amazing charity venture. Check it out, so you can feel good about giving!