How we can help small businesses

Published by - 11/05/2017

Often when we meet with people who own or work in small businesses we find they start with the assumption that they can’t afford PR support. And while it is sometimes true that they cannot find the budget to retain a PR agency there are other ways we can help.

To give you an example, we have recently been talking to a small business that gets a small amount of media coverage on an ad hoc basis. This is because of links they have to local celebrities. When they get the coverage it boost enquiries, however because it is ad hoc it is also unpredictable. We’re suggesting we help them map out a plan and provide them with a template to produce their own media releases. We will then help them as and when they need it.

One of the other ways we can help small businesses is by offering training in:

  • producing a marketing strategy
  • making media work for the business
  • using social media
  • writing about the business

We can also run these for groups of small businesses.

And we will always do our best to match our service level to the budget available. We work with businesses to find out what they want to achieve and what budget and time they have. We will then provide costed suggestions of how we can use PR and marketing to help their business grow.

PR doesn’t have to be the preserve of the big companies. Small businesses can also take advantage of this cost-effective way of promoting their business. If you want to find out more then please contact us at Arch Communications for a chat.