Not sure where to start with social media?

Published by - 17/05/2017

Social media for businesses can be daunting. How do you reach the people you want to talk to? What do you say? How often should you post or tweet? How does this sit with your traditional marketing and PR activity?

To help, we’ve pulled together five tips to get you started:

  1. You don’t have to be everywhere

There are lots of different social media platforms that work for different types of content – words, pictures and video. Pick one type of content and one platform to start with. Use the one you think will reach the people you want to talk to. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram are still the most popular.

  1. Plan

As with all marketing and PR, you need to plan. If you have an existing marketing and PR plan, look at where social media can be integrated into it. Think about when your target audience may look at social media or just try posting at different times of the day and on different days to get a feel for what works for your business. There are free versions of programmes, such as HooteSuite, that can help you schedule your social media posts and tweets.

  1. Content is always king

Use social media when you have something to say. Keep social media writing brief and to the point and link to further information on your website if you need to say more.

  1. Use images and video

Images and video capture people’s attention. You don’t have to get photos and videos professionally shot. Use existing photos, infographics or video or develop your own. If you want to get creative there are free apps and websites that can help you create infographics and edit pictures and video.

  1. Analyse and learn

Social media analytics are free for most platforms and can provide you with valuable information about why one post or tweet was more successful than others. Use this information and feed it into your plans going forwards.

We hope this helps you take the plunge into social media for your business. If you need more advice or help to produce content please contact us at Arch Communications. We can help you decide what platforms to use, what to talk about, how to put together a plan and how to use analytics to inform future posts and plans.