Being a Social Enterprise

Published by - 19/12/2012

When people first learn about Arch Communications, one of the first things they almost always ask is: “Why are you a social enterprise, and what does it mean?” Arch Communications is a commercial company in the sense that a wide range of businesses and other organisations pay for our PR and marketing services. What makes us different is that we use that income to donate cash to good causes, and to do free and heavily subsidised work for charities and other social enterprises.

This commitment is written into the articles of the company, alongside a mission statement to work for community benefit. As a result, we will only take on a client if we feel that they share our values and outlook on life.

In 2012, we are delighted to have been able to give away more than £11,500 and do unpaid work worth a further £5,000. For example – instead of sending Christmas cards, we have just made a donation to the Friends of Meadow Park, who do a brilliant job maintaining open space in our home village of East Leake.

So why do this? Well, crucially, it’s something we believe in. Arch Communications is a successful and respected company, so why not put something back? But there’s more to it than that. It says something about us, our integrity and how we operate. If that encourages more potential customers to seek us out, then everyone’s a winner!