Arch Backs Cricket Volunteers

Published by - 19/01/2015

At Arch Communications, we believe in good causes. So a pioneering charity-led scheme at Trent Bridge which we helped to make happen is now being adopted by all of England’s top cricket venues.

Nottinghamshire cricket’s international volunteering programme was inspired by the Games Makers at the London 2012 Olympics. The Trent Bridge Community Trust recruits and trains volunteers to ensure that fans attending tests and one day internationals have a fantastic experience.

We helped the trust launch the scheme with 80 volunteers for the Ashes showdown with Australia in 2013 – providing unpaid community involvement in a variety of roles, including entertainment, ticketing, media, catering and retail. Last year, the project grew to involve 135 people in matches against India.

The scheme has proved hugely popular and we’re especially proud that a significant number of volunteers have found paid employment as a result. So the project has delivered real long-term benefits.

This summer, Australia return to Trent Bridge for what is bound to be another Ashes sell-out, and we’ll be funding the volunteering programme for the third year running.

With our support, it’ll be more ambitious than ever. Up to 150 will be involved, including for the first time dedicated opportunities for people with disabilities.

The Trent Bridge project has not only won several awards, but is also being copied at Lord’s and every other ground in England which hosts international cricket. The shared aim is to strengthen community involvement and provide a lasting legacy.

Our funding pays for all the volunteers’ training, expenses, food and uniforms. They’ll be put through their paces for the first time during the Trent Bridge one day international against New Zealand in June.

If you’re lucky enough to have a ticket for that or the Ashes match in August, look out for them. They’ll be the ones touting the “Happy to Help” message, with the Arch Communications logo on their sleeve!