A Recipe for PR Success

Published by - 10/09/2014

We’ve just provided some great publicity for one of our clients. It just goes to show what can be achieved if the right PR elements are in place.

Nicky Gray is a single mum whose two children have severe food intolerance. She’s so determined to improve awareness of the issue that she’s started her own business. Food Freedom is designed to educate food professionals about the dangers involved.

Nicky asked Arch Communications to help promote her launch. A big part of any successful PR is having a strong human story to work with.  With Nicky, the story was ready-made.

But how to ensure the media would be interested? Well, it always helps if you can make the story topical. In this case, that was provided by tough new EU laws on reducing the risk of adverse food reactions – plus a local survey revealing restaurants didn’t know about their new legal obligations.

The final piece in our jigsaw was to get 20 chefs into a single restaurant, for a special tutorial from Nicky – useful for the TV cameras.

The result? An impressive media turn-out from TV, radio and press, leading to some great coverage for Nicky.  Here are just a couple of examples.

Job done!